Another door slammed in Google TV's face; backdoor closed

Woe unto Google TV.

The latest slap involves Comcast's, which had been employed by Google TV users as a backdoor to get around the already existing block that ABC, NBC, CBS and Hulu has established on their content, making the recently launched platform suitable for watching streaming content from Netflix, YouTube videos, Fox programming and not much else.

NewTeeVee's Ryan Lawler said he was told by Hulu and Comcast that the backdoor was through the Hulu platform that delivered content to They've nailed that one shut.

And, if you're holding your breath waiting for the ban to be lifted, by Hulu, NBC or CBS, here's hoping you have great lungs, because there hasn't been a peep out of any of the players that would indicate a change in heart or any concessions. Google, which has maintained that it wants Google TV to play nice with content providers and pay-TV operators, apparently hasn't been able to convince anybody they're serious.

Hulu has been diligent in making sure unauthorized browsers  were blocked from giving users access to content.

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