Apple wants TV episode price cut; AOL buys StudioNow; Profitable YouTube in 2010?;

> On the eve of the "Dawn of the Tablet," Apple is pushing television networks to drop their prices on TV shows to $1 per episode, half of the current $1.99 most episodes on iTunes cost to download. Article

> Google CEO Eric Schmidt says he thinks YouTube will turn a profit in 2010. If so, it would be the site's first since Google acquired it for $1.65 billion in 2006. Article

> Looking to create the amount of professional-quality online video content it offers, AOL today announced it has acquired StudioNow for $36.5 million. Article

> YouTube isn't going to be giving Netflix much of a run for the money in the VOD segment -- at the moment -- despite its announcement that it'll start offering movie rentals on its site Friday. The video Goliath is putting just a handful of indie movies from the Sundance Film Festival up at $3.99 each. Article

> YouTube is continuing to draw big-name advertising and Google will continue its "push on monetizing" the mega-video hub, Google execs told analysts yesterday during the company's Q4 conference call. Article

> You've heard it before, but: Hulu is going to a subscription format for at least some of its content. Article

> Lionsgate studio and online talent network Massify said Tuesday that YouTube will be the primary distributor for short films produced by their partnership. Article

> The New York Daily News is partnering with Ooyala for online video initiatives. Article

> Video ad network YuMe on Monday is expected to announce the addition of Scot McLernon as its new chief revenue officer. Article