At last, Nintendo's Wii gets Netflix

Netflix today put an end to months of speculation and hand wringing, announcing it would be available on Nintendo's Wii gaming console. The New York Times reports that the industry's top gaming console would join competitors Xbox and PS3 in offering streaming content for sale and rent. Both currently offer the Netflix service. The Xbox can hook into Microsoft's Zune movie store; PS3 owners have access to Sony's online movie store and can also use the gaming console to play Blu-ray discs.

Netflix services will be available to Wii owners if they have a minimum $9-a-month subscription to the DVD-by-mail king, but the device is hampered by its inability to display HD streaming video, which both the PS3 and Xbox can. A Wii HD version has long been rumored to be on the way, and its arrival likely will be hastened as more users turn to streaming video.

Netflix has made a major push in recent months toward online video, and has said it anticipates a gradual decline in its DVD-by-mail business.

"Our growth in the last two years has been propelled in large part by our investments in streaming content and in the streaming platform," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told the Times. "When the Wii application ships, it's going to really open up a large additional opportunity."

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