AT&T AdWorks trials cross-screen addressable ads, while IAS reports drop in programmatic fraud

AdWorks, AT&T's (NYSE: T) advanced advertising services unit, said that a recent trial of addressable advertising across viewing screens and devices, conducted with Opera Mediaworks, resulted in a boost in sales for various advertisers ranging between 19 percent and 87 percent.

To conduct the tests, AdWorks combined its addressable TV advertising capability with Opera Mediaworks' mobile platform, which works across wireless carriers. Nearly 13 million addressable households in in AT&T's newly acquired DirecTV footprint were part of the study, except for customers who had opted out of receiving so-called "relevant ads" in their user agreements. Further, Opera's service had to capability to deliver ads to 285 million mobile devices, though it isn't clear how many devices were part of the trial.

A number of Fortune 100 companies including AT&T Mobility, Walmart, and an unnamed "luxury automotive manufacturer" were among those participating.

For AT&T Mobility, the trial revealed that addressable TV advertising lifted sales 19 percent, and that result climbed to 27 percent when a consumer received the same ad on both their TV and mobile device, AdWorks said. Walmart also saw an unspecified lift in sales during its trial, which used a control group to compare other factors like brand perception and message favorability.

For the unnamed auto manufacturer, the cross-screen trial resulted in an 87 percent sales lift for the luxury car being advertised to the addressable audience.

"These results show the immense value of cross-screen addressable advertising. They also display our innovative audience targeting and measurement capabilities across screens," said Rick Welday, president of AT&T AdWorks, in a press release. "We can deliver ads to a brand's target audience. And we can measure how addressable advertising performs across platforms. This is a huge opportunity for brands."

In the meantime, Integral Ad Science, an audience measurement and analysis firm, released its first-quarter Media Quality Report, which covers several factors in programmatic online advertising.

IAS ad viewability

Source: IAS

Programmatic, by way of explanation, is most often defined as an automated buying and selling format for online ads.

For Q1, IAS found that ad fraud overall dropped 20.9 percent in the quarter, while video ad viewability, an increasingly important metric for advertisers gauging an ad's real effectiveness, grew 11.4 percent. More than 40 percent of programmatic online video ads worldwide met the IAS viewability metric.

"While Q1 typically sees a drop in overall advertising volume compared to Q4, these results indicate a bigger industry move to combat the buying and selling of fraudulent ads and deliver customer-centric experiences," the company said in a release.

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