Audience measurement company iPowow! demos at CTAM

Online video advertising measurement technology iPOWOW! showed off its real-time audience polling technology at the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing Research & Insights Conference last week.

The company, which launched in the U.S. in December, offers a polling technology that allows viewers to give their opinions and feedback on content in real time and via an online "voting" interface. Customers and constituents can engage with brands directly and voice their thoughts on the brand's products and services. The company says distribution to a viewer's social network creates a viral effect that brands can track through detailed analytics reports, providing valuable demographics and customer intelligence.

iPowow! has its U.S. office in Mountain View, Calif., and originally was launched in Australia where it has held several successful test runs, the company said.

"This company has a unique vision for online media so it was critical for us to respond to the opportunities of the U.S. market," said COO Mike Loftus. "We're working with clients here that are very excited about the communications channels our platform can open for them, channels for greater social interaction with their target audiences, leading to a better understanding and intelligence of those audiences."

With media increasingly socially connected, iPowow! said, customers are looking for transparency from brands.

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