BBC Three to go all-online in 2015; Snowden, Assange speak to SXSW on privacy, security

Online video industry news from across the Web:

> BBC Three will cease linear broadcasts in fall 2015 and move some of the youth-oriented channel's programs to online-only through its BBC iPlayer. Article

> President Obama took a new tack to promote, trading barbs with Zach Galifianakis in a "Funny or Die" sketch. Article

> Australian viewers spent 22 percent more, or $143 million, on digital video services in 2013, including online VoD and buying movies and TV series online. Article

> Online video advertising firm Swagbucks, which offers subscribers virtual currency in return for watching Internet ads or taking market surveys, said it brought in $53 million in revenues in 2013, up from $35 million in 2012. Article

> Broadway aficionados will soon have an OTT outlet of their own, as Stage17 gears up to launch its own website in spring 2014, featuring original, short-form videos with the NYC theater scene as the main topic. Article

> Online video storytelling is still evolving, said Tom Barlow, Ford EVP and chief creative officer, in a panel at SXSW. Article

> Edward Snowden and Julian Assange separately spoke to SXSW audiences Monday over remote online video links to decry the NSA and countries that have squashed privacy and freedom of speech.

> Video streaming provider Ooyala has deployed its technology to support Telstra's Presto subscription movie service. Article

> Ex-NBCU TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin and former CNN president Jon Klein are teaming up to launch Tapp, a series of online channels that are built around specific celebrities. Article

And finally… DigitalGlobe is crowdsourcing the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 by making satellite images it's gathering of the region available online for users to scan and tag if they spot any suspicious debris. Article