BitTorrent CEO: The Internet has no regulator that can stand up to throttling

If the broadband industry is looking for a strong regulator to step forward and assure that companies like Comcast don't block or throttle resource-heavy products like high-definition video from being moved around the Internet, it's not likely to find one in Washington, BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker told an eCommerce conference earlier this week.

The peer-to-peer file transferring tool is entitled to some sour grapes. It was the company that was at the center of the net neutrality showdown that cable giant Comcast won after an appeals court threw out an FCC-imposed order aimed at making Comcast stop throttling P2P transfers. The court said the FCC didn't have the authority to impose any rules on the Internet.

"There is no ambiguity. There is not going to be, at least in the near term, a strong regulator for broadband," Klinker said.

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