Black Friday buyer's guide: The Boxee Box

The Boxee Box (Price: $199), or promises of the Boxee Box, hovered on the edge of the market for months after it was rolled out in January. It had a Boxee Boxlate platform switch to Intel's Atom core that brought it more power (and bumped the price). But it is by far one of the hottest looking designs (minimal, it's not) of all the entrants.

It carries a full array of ports: Ethernet, a pair of USB, HDMI, Optical, and composite audio-out jacks, has built in 802.11n WiFi, ships with a dual-sided remote that features a QWERTY keyboard on one side and navigation controls on the other.

It's a piece of cake to set up, and has one of the best user interfaces on the market, plays virtually any media file and truly gives you the Internet on your TV screen.

What it may not be able to deliver is content from major programmers. It's still in the process of working out a final deal with Netflix and the company says it will eventually close a deal that will bring Hulu Plus to its users. Eventually. But, if the big networks decide to block content, as they have with Google TV, you'll at least have a decent web browser. And, you do get Vudu, MLB TV and NHL Center Ice.

Boxee Box is true HD, with 1080p playback of the content you can get, especially if its local media you want to access.

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