Black Friday buyer's guide: Google TV

Logitech's RevueGoogle TV via Logitech's Revue (Price: $300) should be one of those transcendent experiences you remember for the rest of your life, like your first kiss or the first time you drove a car after getting your license. And it might be, if there were any content to watch on it besides YouTube.

Google TV has been a washout as all the three-letter networks, Viacom (Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon) and Hulu have all decided to block their content from appearing on the platform. And, despite promises from Google that inroads are being made with Hollywood, it remains a virtual content desert, one that seems to be growing rather than shrinking.

The Revue unit itself comes with all the requisite ports, two USBs, composite audio out, HDMI, Ethernet and Optical, a Bluetooth pairing button and 802.11n WiFi. It comes with 1GB of Ram and 5GB of storage.

Although Google says the platform will have access to Android applications down the road, there's not set time frame for that to happen.

Control of the Revue is via the full-sized QWERTY keyboard that ships with the device.

Eventually, Google TV might deliver all of the premium programming it doesn't yet have in the 1080p it's capable of, until then, eh, save your money.

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