Black Friday buyer's guide: Orb TV

Orb TV (Price: $99) lets you stream Hulu and Netflix to your TV for free, but you won't be seeing your favorite shows in 1080p, Orb TVor even 720p. Orb, which just launched this week, is a different animal than all the rest, it essentially streams content from your computer to your TV set. The video is basically VGA, so don't hold your breath.

The beauty of it all, says the company, is that because its streaming directly from your computer browser, content programmers and services like Hulu can't block it, unlike Google TV and Boxee Box.

Set up of the hockey-puck-sized device is pretty quick, about 30 minutes from the time you download the Orb Caster software to your computer to the time you navigate content on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device (Orb TV ships without a remote to keep the cost down).

Because it's running off your Mac or Windows machine, you also have access to all you local content including music, photos, and movies, as well as YouTube and more.

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