looks to become TV network for the Web, which launched in 2005 as a distributor of original Web series, relaunched this week with more of a consumer focus, aggregating the best Web series available to make them easier to discover and, hopefully, to monetize. video

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"People have no idea where to go and where to find original Web video online--which can be a daunting task--and our redesign definitely solves that problem," said Dina Kaplan, a co-founder.

But, which a year ago landed $10.1 million in VC for development, isn't just looking to make content more discoverable, it wants to become more of a TV network for the Internet, and that means making it more advertiser-friendly as well.

The new site features new ad opportunities, like channel sponsorships and homepage banner ads, that the New York-based company hopes will draw more big names like T-Mobile, which sponsors the new launch.

For content creators,, which splits ad revenue with them, has been a welcome portal, although not really a cash cow.

The new focus, hopes, will hopefully make it more lucrative.

"Last year we had producers of shows making $500,000 a year on their Web series," said Mike Hudack, CEO and co-founder of "In 2011 we expect that number to hit $1 million for some producers." said its has more plans for the future that will make the site more appealing to users as well, including features making it possible to add and follow shows, as well as being able to hook up iPads and iPhones (and eventually Android devices) to TV sets.

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