Booming online video ads making headlines with news organizations' sales execs

Maybe there's hope for the news industry after all.

Increasingly newspaper companies and major news organizations are seeing the value of video news presentations--especially when those video clips have pre-roll ads tied to them--on their websites. From lifestyle segments to breaking news and especially sports news, newspapers are developing a new revenue stream that’s proving increasingly robust.

As the New York Times points out in an article today, video ads are a rising star in an advertising market that’s just starting to rebound; it has seen 38 percent growth over the first six months of 2009 compared to a year ago, and eMarketer anticipates that pace to continue through 2014, topping out at more than $5 billion.

“More and more advertisers are starting to play in the online video space,” Jeremy Steinberg, VP of digital sales and business development for Fox News Channel, told the Times.

“The Web is fulfilling this promise of being a medium where you can enjoy video as much as you can see it on TV,” Charles W. Tillinghast, president, told the Times “The difference online is, if you want to do something with it--share it, stick it on a blog, post it on a Facebook page, or mark it and save it--you can do all that. And that was never possible before.”

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