Boxee CEO Avner Ronen on the Boxee Box and an industry revolution

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen talked at length about the Boxee Box, its $199 price tag, content providers, Boxee CEO Avner RonenHulu Plus, Netflix and the future of streaming media at Streaming Media West last week. The Boxee Box starts shipping today. Ronen said the device should start appearing in stores on Nov. 17, and will also launch worldwide by the middle of the month. He says he's looked at Apple TV, Roku, Google TV and a number of other content hubs over the past few months and said his favorite is--surprise--the Boxee Box, which is being produced by D-Link. His "whys," however, might surprise you.

Ronen believes connected TVs and content hubs are not only going to change the way we get our entertainment delivered, they're going to change the way we consume it, leading a major shift in the industry. "The smart TV will have the same impact on the television that the smartphone has had on the mobile phone industry, and CES in January is going to be full of them," he says. "Once you have that type of experience, it will change everything; it shakes up the user experience, and business models. It will allow users to do things that, up until now, they haven't been able to do." Article

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