Brightcove rolls out SDK for Android mobile devices

Online video platform Brightcove is positioning itself for a major leap into the mobile video space, a segment the company says will be its largest investment target this year, introducing its App Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and new mobile templates for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, which span both native apps and mobile Web experiences.

"We're seeing a lot of our customers targeting the video experience of the mobile web as well as mobile apps," said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove's SVP for marketing. "An SDK allows you to start your climb up the mountain already halfway up. SDKs matter."

With its SDK, Brightcove gives publishers delivery options including Android applications. It provides resources for developers who want to create native, video-rich applications that consumers can download, install and use on their Android devices. These resources include pre-built components for playback, content discovery, and hooks into the Brightcove Media API services. The SDK eventually will enable one touch sharing to popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Brightcove's mobile templates for Flash Player 10.1 enable organizations to deploy video that adapts on demand to the playback environment to deliver a superior viewing experience across mobile platforms, including Android devices. The player templates offer user interface controls that are specifically designed for optimizing video viewing on compact screens found on Android and other leading smartphone platforms, as well as plug-ins available to standard Brightcove-powered video published on the Web. The mobile-optimized templates are available in addition to the complete suite of Brightcove player templates, which are fully compatible with Flash Player 10.1 and bring the benefits of secure multibitrate streaming, complete analytics, advertising, third party extensions and other Flash platform innovations.

Brightcove said the increasing popularity of mobile video presents publishers with a new opportunity to reach, engage and monetize new audiences, which in turn gives the OVP a new business opportunity, albeit one with a range of new challenges.

"Brightcove's biggest single investment for this year will be in the mobile segment," said Whatcott. "Mobile is harder than ever right now because of the fragmentation brought on by the platform wars that are going on. But the growth in that segment is just amazing."

The company already has introduced an SDK for iPhone.

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