BrightRoll rolls out competing online video ad exchange

Online video advertising services provider BrightRoll has rolled out a self-service ad-buying platform that gives buyers transparent access to video inventory. The company says the new platform is efficient, scalable and helps publishers maximize ROI.

The BRX ad exchange joins OneSource, an ad exchange launched in February by, which has been partnering with VivaKi Ventures since 2007.

Online video has become a popular buy for advertisers and a critical revenue source for publishers, but it's presented problems for both buyers and sellers, owing to the diversity of platforms and the slow adoption of format standards.

BrightRoll said it found, in a recent study it conducted, that nearly half of the online publishers surveyed reported that at least 20 percent of their online video advertising inventory is never sold, indicating that many buyers are still struggling to find the most efficient way to access and selectively target the inventory they want, at the price right they're willing to pay.

"Historically, buying online video advertising at scale has been an inefficient, labor-intensive and technically challenging process," said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll. "BrightRoll's video advertising and technology expertise has allowed us to automate this process end to end, which will fundamentally improve the process of how, and by whom, online video ad buying is done."

Highlights of the BRX platform include:

  • Inventory--Thousands of targetable URLs are aggregated from video sites, video players, mediation layers and ad servers;
  • Audience Targeting--BRX's user level targeting enables advertisers to target using their own data, BRX data or thrd-party data;
  • Auction Pricing--BRX conducts a dynamic auction for each impression; and
  • Control & Reporting--Provides real-time information on placements, campaign performance and price.

BrightRoll, according to comScore, ranks as the third-largest video ad network.

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