BSkyB comes away a winner in Warner Bros. film deal

Britain's BSkyB has struck a new deal with Time Warner's (NYSE: TWX) Warner Bros. to extend an existing content partnership and step up the distribution of Warner Bros. movies across multiple platforms while collaborating on the release and marketing of films in the U.K. and Ireland.

The apparent loser in the deal is Netflix, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, had been after the same kind of deal with Warner Bros. Now the online video purveyor not only is behind the satellite and pay TV operator, but it's also not even on level footing with's (Nasdaq: AMZN) LoveFilm, which has a "second-window film deal" with Warner Bros. in the U.K., the story said.

"We are always a bidder, but not always a buyer," a Netflix spokesman told the publication. "We evaluate each studio deal against the value we believe it will provide to our members."

Apparently BSkyB saw some value in the multi-year deal--although it didn't release any financial figures of how much value that would be. According to terms that were released, Sky Movies will get first shot in the U.K. and Ireland at current Warner movies as well as future releases once their theatrical runs end. The films will also become available on BSkyB's online TV service, Now TV, for those with a Sky Movies monthly pass.

"Once on Sky Movies, these films will be available on the service exclusively for more than a year," the partners told the publication. "The new distribution agreements span the first subscription pay TV and pay-per-view windows, enabling Sky to exhibit Warner Bros.' titles on its Sky Movies channels and video-on-demand services, and on a pay-per-view basis via Sky Movies Box Office and Sky Store."

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