CBS All Access chief Lanzone: Audience is only 30% millennial, mostly made up of pay-TV subscribers

(CBS Corp.)

LAS VEGAS—Attempting to dispel the notion that CBS All Access’ user base is comprised of a bunch of young, urban-dwelling cord cutters, CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone told a packed room full of middle-aged broadcast-industry folks at NAB that the average viewer of the SVOD platform is just like them.  

“It’s an early-40s audience—only 30% of the audience is millennial,” said Lanzone, who wears the dual hat of CBS Corp. Chief Digital Officer. “And the vast majority are pay-TV subscribers.”

Notably, Lanzone said only a “low double-digit” portion of CBS All Access’ user base is paying an extra $5 a month to entirely skip ads.

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Beyond offering insight into the demographics for CBS’ 2-year-old SVOD platform, Lanzone only reiterated previously disclosed data.

The platform has exceed 1 million subscribers, he said, and is on track to meet CBS’ goal of 4 million users by 2020. CBS Corp. chief executive Leslie Moonves said last year that the company is hoping to have 8 million subscribers split between All Access and Showtime Anytime, generating $800 million in revenue by 2020. 

All Access has ordered a second 10-episode season of original-series spin-off "The Good Fight", and is preparing for the anticipated debut of its "Star Trek" original in the fall. 

Lanzone said that CBS All Access now has deals with local CBS stations covering 95% of the country.