CBS testing HTML5 for online video in advance of iPad launch

The pending arrival of the Apple iPad in the marketplace--it's scheduled to start landing on doorsteps and in Apple stores across the U.S. tests HTML5 for iPad launchApril 3--is prompting news stories about HTML5 support from OVPs, news media outlets and, now, broadcasters. Mac bloggers this week began reporting that they'd spotted what appeared to be tests of HTML5 on the broadcaster's website, and soon announced the tests appeared to specifically be for iPads. If so, it may be the first major network to jump into the iPad ecosystem, at least it's the first one spotted out in the wild.

Yesterday, OVP Ooyala, calling the iPad "more than just another connected device," said it would be ready to support the device with full video delivery when it lands.

The Wall Street Journal also is readying for its launch, offering an $18 iPad subscription, and has confirmed it's revamping its website for use on the iPad.

Apple's newest uber-device went on pre-order March 12 and reports say that, so far, Apple has sold hundreds of thousands of its WiFi-only model that starts at $499. A 3G model is due out in several weeks.

The iPad has brought to the forefront the rift between Apple and Adobe over the Adobe Flash platform for which Apple Poobah Steve Jobs has an intense dislike.

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