Cisco launches online video business push for Flip camera

Have you been wondering what Cisco had up its sleeve when it bought Pure Digital's Flip video camera for $590 million, beyond gaining entry into the very crowded consumer videocam market?

Wait no more.

The company today announced its Prosumer Video solution that gives organizations a private and highly secure end-to-end solution for video capture and management. The solution uses a new online video workspace, FocalPoint, and a new business-class four-hour Flip MinoPRO camcorder.

The new camera doubles the amount of storage on the device to 4GB, and changes little else.

It's what's behind the camera that's really interesting. Users still download video they've captured to Cisco's FlipShare software, preloaded on the camcorder. They can do basic editing, store and manage video content locally on their workstation.

Then, they upload the content to FocalPoint, which gives users cloud-based management, sharing and editing capabilities and provides an easy way for organizational teams to interact with their video content.

The software client uses an encrypted upload protocol to enable confidential content delivery, while FocalPoint adopts SSL for highly secure Web sessions and data protection.

Cisco Prosumer Video solutions also integrate with other Cisco collaboration tools, even telepresence. It will be available through Cisco channel partners beginning in August.

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