Comcast CEO sees Netflix as friend and foe; Google acquires Sage TV

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> Is Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) a friend or foe? That's one question Comcast (NASDAQ:CMSA) CEO Brian Roberts is getting used to hearing. His response? Both. Article

> Google has acquired Sage TV, a broad platform that allows users to switch between devices while watching a show and also allows them to record live TV episodes, and seasons. Article

> Google has reached an unprecedented milestone as the world's first Internet company to claim over 1 billion unique users in a single month on its websites. Article

> Imagine being able to watch a movie and actually smell that apple orchard in bloom, those roses strewn across a table or the perfume in an ad for Chanel No. 5. Samsung says it's coming.  Article

> Dish Network is hoping that Netflix losing the ability to stream Sony movies through its Starz relationship will be Dish's gain. Article

And finally... Jelly Belly creator sour over lost legacy but sees a sweet future. Article