Comcast's X1 trickles into subscriber hands as OTT competitors speed by

Xfinity guidePay-TV operator Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) is betting everything on its X1 platform, hoping the user experience it provides will keep Comcast subscribers from drifting away to OTT alternatives like Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), despite the service's $200 per month price tag. The trouble is, only a fraction of Comcast's current subscribers can get the cloud-based service. At last report, in October 2014, about 5 million X1 set-tops had been deployed to the cable giant's 22.3 million subscribers, and now, more than three years in, it's estimated that X1 is available to less than half of Comcast's subscriber base. It's a painfully slow rollout for a platform designed to compete with fast-moving OTT and cloud technologies developed by Netflix and other cable companies that already bring equal or better user experience to their subs. Will X1 succeed? Check out this FierceCable special report for more.