Compuware Gomez uses Sorenson 360 as it launches online video push

Gomez's solutions for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of web and mobile applications are used by more than 3,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises--including 12 of the top 20 most-visited U.S. Web sites.

Sorenson Media has landed a new customer in Compuware's on-demand web performance platform, Gomez, which will use the company’s OVP product, Sorenson 360, to help it create and deliver online video content for its website and integrate with WordPress.

"Sorenson's scalable product enabled us to enter into online video gradually," said Tarah Cammett, director of marketing for Gomez. "We received excellent quality and results from the Sorenson Squeeze client-side encoding solution, so we decided to evaluate Sorenson 360 online video platform to address our online video challenges."

Gomez used Sorenson to help it transition through three successive stages of video deployment on its site. In the first, exploratory stage, Gomez added a few smaller videos to its site, which enabled the company to minimize expenses while evaluating the response and viewing patterns of site visitors.

The company then upgraded its service to include more and larger video files to accommodate increasing numbers of viewers. Gomez entered its third and current stage, with an increasing emphasis on customized videos and the incorporation of RTMP streaming after a solid stage two experience. This final stage of heightened video content and quality has driven significant increases in video views and overall site traffic for Gomez.

In May, Sorenson launched a revamped version of 360 that it targeted at the enterprise market, saying it wanted to play in the same space as segment leaders Ooyala and Brightcove. The more robust 360 v2, offers video management all in one dashboard; auto generation of playlist capability, RTMP streaming with unlimited data rates, the ability to customize white label video players down to the pixel, with complete branding including branding adjacent to the player, branding in the player and watermarking.

The platform is offered as a pay-as-you-go service that Sorenson said is scalable and cost-effective for enterprises.

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