'Daily Show' and 'Colbert' coming back to Hulu?

Are The Daily Show and Colbert Report coming back to Hulu? Maybe, says Phillippe Dauman, Viacom's CEO, who explains in a Wall Street Journal story today that the company is closely watching the "consumer acceptance" of the site as it weighs whether to put more of its content on Hulu or other online video sites.

Viacom took the two shows, and other Comedy Central shows off the site in March. It was a blow to Hulu, since The Daily Show was one of the top shows on the site, and it also gave notice to Hulu fans that the site is at the beck and call of content providers who control what programming appears--or doesn't appear--on the site.

Viacom's involvement in online video amd streaming video is a work in progress, said Dauman. The company also owns Paramount Pictures, as well as the largest stake in the Epix movie channel.

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