Disney groups kids channels under unified DisneyNow TV Everywhere app

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(Walt Disney Company)

Disney is bringing three of its kids networks’ Watch apps under one TV Everywhere roof with the launch of its revamped DisneyNOW app.

DisneyNOW, which became available on Sept. 28, gathers series, TV movies and other content from Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Radio Disney in a new consolidated app with new customization and personalization features. The authenticated app will provide full episodes and livestreaming for all three networks, plus a selection of full episodes that can be viewed without signing in. The app also offers different profiles for different users.

DisneyNOW works with iOS, tvOS, Android/Kindle and Roku. The company says that Fire TV, Android TV and web compatibility will launch in 2018.

“The decision to consolidate our Disney Channel ‘Watch’ apps into the new DisneyNOW app was driven by what kids told us they want in a video experience,” said Kimberly Hicks, vice president of Digital Media at Disney Channels, in a statement.

In addition to customization features for viewers, Disney said the new app offers customized sponsorship opportunities like sweepstakes and interactive video ads for clients.

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Disney’s reaggregated TV Everywhere app is similar to what Fox launched earlier this year when it brought its separate networks’ apps together in its Fox Now app.

At IBC earlier this month, Brian Sullivan, president and COO of the digital consumer group at 21st Century Fox, said reaggregation of content is a smart move for the TV industry after TV Everywhere created a scattered online content experience spread across hundreds of apps.

Fox Now, its new aggregated online video hub initiative, began in April and is wrapping up with a new streaming platform that is a home to all Fox networks content. Sullivan said Fox has leaned into machine-learning recommendations, full-screen video and a more accessible user experience for its revamped Fox Now platform.