Elemental, Telestream encoding put to test; Free Press Jumbotrons Wheeler's telecom prom

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> Elemental squared off against Telestream in an encoding performance test conducted by Streaming Media. Story

> Apple TV's update of its YouTube app includes an improved user interface--and ads users can't opt out of. Story

> Tom Wheeler found time to joke about net neutrality at the "telecom prom" (aka the Bar Association Dinner) in D.C. It's nice to be able to laugh about these things, right? Story

> Free Press parked a JumboTron outside Wheeler's dinner criticizing the executives "schmoozing it up" with the FCC chairman while delaying net neutrality rulemaking. Release

> Comcast continued its "blame Netflix" strategy in its responses to the FCC on questions regarding its planned merger with Time Warner Cable. Story

> Ralph Baer, inventor of the first video game system, has died at age 93. Insert pithy "Pong" joke here. Story

> Valve has announced a beta version of Steam Broadcasting, which allows friends to watch others play its video games remotely, a la Twitch. Story

> Civil rights groups are perhaps as divided about net neutrality as the industry itself. Story

> ESPN announced its 11-game 2014 Bowl lineup as well as the schedule for online streaming of bowl games on WatchESPN.

> Four myths about pay-TV and online video. Story

And finally… Psy's "Gangnam Style" video can't be stopped: It busted out of YouTube's 32-bit view counter on Dec. 1, the first video to do so--and forced YouTube to implement a 64-bit integer code on its view counter. Story