Encoding.com's short URL service encodes for all devices, browsers

Encoding.com is launching a new short url service that takes video and transcodes it into 14 different flavors for disparate browsers and devices from laptops to smartphones and the iPad. The service rolls out today in private beta.

"We are super excited with launching Vid.ly on Monday, we think it's really going to be a ground breaking service and something that clearly the market needs and something our customers have been asking for for a long time," Jeff Malkin, president of Encoding.com told FierceOnlineVideo. "The market is trending towards chaos with regards to the ever-expanding number of mobile devices, HTML5 formats, the lack of standards across all these different platforms and the biggest challenge we're hearing from our customer base is ‘Can you just take my videos and make them all work for everything?' That's what we set out to solve with the launch of Vid.ly."

Using Vid.ly is simple: upload a video, tell Vid.ly to encode it and, viola, you get an email message when it's done with a short URL attached. Videos are pre-transcoded to all popular web and mobile formats so that when an end user requests a video, Vid.ly detects the device and serves the correct and optimized video.  Publishers can embed the HTML5 code provided by Vid.ly directly into their web pages or Flash players, or can share the provided short URL via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.

As new formats and devices are developed, Vid.ly automatically updates your video to work with them.

The beta program, which includes encoding, storage, and delivery, is available to the first 1,000 qualified users.

"Vid.ly ensures that online video can be experienced on all devices and browsers, and has solved this complicated issue in a unique and super-simple way for content producers," Malkin said. Check out this Vid.ly video for more details.

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