Enspert entering global mobile TV market with 3-screen solution suite

Media convergence solution and device provider Enspert is planning to enter the global mobile TV chip-set and solutions market based on Google's Android operating system.

The Korean company said it plans to enter the market in 2011 with a suite that consists of a mobile TV reception chipset, Android tablet player and mobile TV router (which can receive and transmit mobile signals via WiFi, allowing other devices not equipped with ASTC-M/H reception chip to display in ATSC-M/H format), and supports ATSC-M/H, the U.S. standard for mobile TV in North America, along with ISDC-T (1-Seg) for Japan, Brazil and South America and T-DMB and DAB for Korea and Europe. The suite can also be applied to smartphones, PDAs and PC/laptops.

"We think this is the right time for us to enter the global mobile TV market," said Chang-Seok Lee, CEO of Enspert. The company said it will target markets in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Central and South America.

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