Envisioning the CDN market in 2010

Over at StreamingMedia.com, Dan Rayburn has taken at look at the overall content delivery market and where it could head headed in 2010. After a jump in CDN start-ups to the tune of about 50, consolidation is one expected theme for the coming year, Rayburn says. If the rising number of CDN players gives you a sense of feja vu, it might be because the beginning of this decade saw a boom in CDN start-ups.

If consolidation does come to fruition in the next year, telecom carriers such as AT&T and Level 3 Communications, among other could play a role as a buyers. At least, that has been the speculation among industry watchers in recent months--such deals haven't really developed so far, but could as the carriers see greater success and opportunities from their own fledgling CDN groups. 

Interestingly, while the CDN start-ups during the first years of this decade followed closely in the footsteps of industry pioneer Akamai Technologies, Akamai might now be considered an acquisition target by some--the company recently was rumored to be an object of desire for AT&T, though no such deal has emerged yet.

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