Exalead rolls out video captioning on French President Nicolas Sarkozy's website

Another company has found the key to cracking online video and making it a player in the search market. France's Exalead is using Voxalead to automatically transcribe online video and audio files, making them searchable and taggable.

The company joins YouTube in the general public market in rolling out a product capable of captioning videos and helping to provide search engines with a wealth of data, creating new road maps to content and highlighting yet another route -- hopefully -- to monetization for companies looking to drive ROI on their online video efforts. Cambridge, Mass.-based RAMP (formerly EveryZing) has been translating online video to searchable text since it was spun off from BBN Technologies in 2006.

So far, Exalead has met with mixed results in its efforts to transcribe the speeches and public appearances of its biggest-and most notable customer-the website of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The company developed the product in its own labs, with the help of scientists from the French National Scientific Research Center and at Vecsys Research.

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