Go90 stands as Verizon's entry into the world of video innovation

Verizon has carefully worked to build its reputation as a reliable telecommunications company focused exclusively on building wireless and wireline networks. However, according to company executives, Verizon's recent entry into the mobile video space via its new Go90 offering represents Verizon's efforts to join the rush into mobile video, targeted advertising and Silicon Valley-style innovation.

Wallace Colyer, a top Verizon executive involved in the creation of Go90, said he "loved" building Go90 and got "super, super" into developing the product. But he said the change in the culture at Verizon has been even more satisfying.

"I'm actually even more excited about how you take what's been a great network company that knows how to get every element of quality out of the network and add into it this dynamic, agile product process that's going to come up with new and innovative products," he said.

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