Google goes 0-for-4 as Fox joins ABC, CBS, NBC in blocking Google TV

And then, there were none.

Fox has joined ABC, CBS and NBC in blocking Google TV from showing its content, marking a new low for the platform that launched in October.

The broadcasters all say they're concerned about seeing their advertising revenue eroded if they allow Google TV--and other similar devices that take Internet-delivered content to television screens--access to their content. Hulu, which delivers "catch-up" episodes of shows from ABC, NBC and Fox, has blocked Google TV from the start.

Google has struggled to convince Hollywood that content taken over the top can be adequately monetized as online ad rates are significantly lower than those broadcasters normally can charge. It also has attempted to position Google TV as a partner to the pay-TV industry rather than a threat, so for to no avail.

For its part, Google has remained upbeat, with a spokesman yesterday saying that new technology tends to frighten companies already in a particular space.

"The web is a new technology and it's not unheard of whenever there is a new technology that a lot of the incumbents in the space are trying to understand what that technology is going to mean for them," said Rishi Chandra, product manager for Google TV. "We have seen it before whether it's VHS, DVD or DVR."

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