Google lists TV partnerships; ConnecTV launches ad network

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> Google used CES 2013 in Las Vegas to note that Google TV will now be available through nine partners, with new members Asustek, Hisense, TCL and "one not yet identified" joining up. Blog

> Social network ConnecTV has launched a synchronized advertising network. Press release

> ARCHOS introduced a product, ARCHOS TV connect, that it says "turns any HDTV into an Android-powered smart TV." Press release

> Epix said it will launch the EPIX app on Sony's PlayStation 3 system sometime during the first quarter of this year. Press release


> Even as cable operators continue to leak video subscribers and IPTV providers tread water in the pay TV space, it appears that yet another player--Sony, of all companies--thinks there's money to be made in selling television. Story

Cable News

> Netflix said it is partnering with Cablevision to place storage appliances near its Optimum network, which would allow for the delivery of "super HD" programming and 3D content to Cablevision customers who also subscribe to Netflix. Story

And finally… TV applications solutions enabler Accedo said it has deployed more than 1,000 TV apps worldwide. Press release