Google uses Market7 SaaS video tools

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a quite a mouthful in conversation, but it's one of the hottested trends in Internet and telecom sectors. And, while SaaS offerings are sometimes positioned for customers that might not have the resources to buy or manage their own servers and software, SaaS can benefit the big guys, too. That's clearly the case with Google's use of Market7's video collaboration and production tools, which are accessible under an SaaS model.

Google reportedly is the first customer formally announced by Market7 for its video.Market7 offerings. The Internet giant's video specialists, according to Market7, have used the tools on more than 120 productions so far this year for tasks such as scheduling project milestones, scripting planned video shoots, and sharing content for purposes of getting feedback to help guide editing and post production.

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