On the eve of NAB's big show in Vegas, Hulu is picking up some buzz. The NBC and News Corp. online joint venture gets a mild scolding from Mike Bloxham at MediaPost, while Hulu's CEO is interviewed over TV Technology.

Bloxham says there is not enough meaty content online yet--a lot of clips and shorts, but not full-length shows and movies. The site design is a mixed bag; finding and searching are easy enough, but the presentation of search results is lacking when compared to a richer layout on the home page.   He concedes that the venture is still new and expects more makeup and more content and design tweaks to come. It will be interesting to see him compare Hulu's content with Adobe Media Player's offerings.

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar will be presenting a keynote at NAB next week on TV 2.0--an interesting topic to present to broadcast media executives who are traditionally resistant to changes in the status quo. Kilar hopes to win them over by discussing the combination of innovative advertising and technology, and how distribution models should enable content creators and distributors to rapidly and profitably deliver content to consumers across the web.  He also reveals that archives of  "The A-Team," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and  "Airwolf" are big hits.  "Buffy" we can understand, the others, well…

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