Hulu apps get Chromecast support

Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Chromecast device can now play video directly from Hulu Plus apps on iOS and Android devices, Hulu said.

The new apps feature a custom remote control system that lets users pause and rewind what they're "casting" to their TV sets, select programs to watch and turn on captions, Hulu said. It also lets users browse for other shows or clips while watching something through the Chromecast.

Hulu Plus's arrival on Chromecast comes just as Parks Associates revealed evidence that about a third of Chromecast owners are already using the device to watch TV shows from Hulu's free website on their TV sets. Hulu restricts TV viewing to subscribers who pay $8 a month for the Hulu Plus app, but the Chromecast lets owners mirror anything they're watching in a Chrome Web browser tab on the TV, circumventing those restrictions.

"In many cases, the content rights don't really allow that to happen. So Chromecast provides a work around," Brett Sappington, Parks Associates research director, told the Los Angeles Times

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- read Hulu's blog post here 
- the Los Angeles Times had this report

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