Hulu blocks TV browser Kylo; Kaltura debuts an HTML5 video solution;

> ViaClix joins the rush to get online video to TV

> CinemaNow signs distribution deal with Warner Bros. for catch-up online video

> Canadians turn to online video from Pay TV

> SyncTV launches online video platform

> New York Times launches online video newscast

> GlideTV launches What's On channel for web videos on TV

> Brits: Internet tax would drive users off Internet, hurt low-income families

> Hillcrest confirms Hulu blocking Kylo Web TV browser from its online video content

> The Movie Tracker joins crowded movie recommendation space

> British Airways flies to YouTube in battle with unions

> MiniMash: Simple solution to online video creation, sharing for individuals and business

> Hillcrest's Kylo browser brings Web content to TVs

> March Madness on Demand sees 3.4 million hours of live streaming video on Day One

> Hulu's sales force cutting ad prices to beat competition: ABC, NBC and Fox

> Ad serving technology company, Videoplaza, lands $5M in VC

> Kaltura debuts an HTML5 video solution, media library

> Comcast promises 100 Mbps Internet service in 12-18 months

> YouTube's video-uploads-per-minute milestone pales next to Ustream, and Livestream

> YouTube users upload a day's worth of online video content every minute