Hulu blocks TV browser Kylo; Kaltura debuts an HTML5 video solution;

> ViaClix joins the rush to get online video to TV

> CinemaNow signs distribution deal with Warner Bros. for catch-up online video

> Canadians turn to online video from Pay TV

> SyncTV launches online video platform

> New York Times launches online video newscast

> GlideTV launches What's On channel for web videos on TV

> Brits: Internet tax would drive users off Internet, hurt low-income families

> Hillcrest confirms Hulu blocking Kylo Web TV browser from its online video content

> The Movie Tracker joins crowded movie recommendation space

> British Airways flies to YouTube in battle with unions

> MiniMash: Simple solution to online video creation, sharing for individuals and business

> Hillcrest's Kylo browser brings Web content to TVs

> March Madness on Demand sees 3.4 million hours of live streaming video on Day One

> Hulu's sales force cutting ad prices to beat competition: ABC, NBC and Fox

> Ad serving technology company, Videoplaza, lands $5M in VC

> Kaltura debuts an HTML5 video solution, media library

> Comcast promises 100 Mbps Internet service in 12-18 months

> YouTube's video-uploads-per-minute milestone pales next to Ustream, and Livestream

> YouTube users upload a day's worth of online video content every minute

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AT&T is nearly five months out from the launch of HBO Max and the service still doesn’t have distribution agreements in place with Amazon or Roku.

As for content, audiences have primarily tuned into entertainment and news programming.

Disney may be sandbagging Hulu’s international expansion plans to avoid having to pay more to Comcast, which still owns one-third of the service.