Icarus soars to Level 3 for CDN services for Fallen Earth

Level 3 Communications continues to build its content delivery business, picking up video-game developer Icarus as a customer. The company's network will provide caching, download and storage services for Icarus' Fallen Earth online video game.

"Since the launch, we have aimed to make Fallen Earth more accessible to all of our customers worldwide," said James Hettinger, CEO of Icarus Studios. "Level 3 enables us to provide players with a quick, reliable download and seamless gaming experience. With Level 3, we have increased our bandwidth capacity by 20-fold and supported peaks of up to 4,000 Megabits per second."

Icarus is using Level 3 to deliver game updates and new content to players. "The Level 3 network is designed to support the high-quality experience online gamers demand," said Peter Neill, senior vice president of Content Markets for Level 3. "Leveraging the capabilities of the Level 3 network, we're able to provide not only the reliable infrastructure and real-time traffic management that are critical for a quality gaming experience; we provide customers like Icarus Studios with 24/7 access to reporting data and analytics to help them make better decisions for their business."

Colorado-based Level 3 is one of the world's top three Internet traffic carrier and is ranked as one of the world's most connected ISPs. Last May, it made changes to its Content Markets Group designed to streamline end-to-end delivery. In November, it debuted a revamped CDN platform it believes can help give consumers an online video experience matching those from traditional TV broadcasts.

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