Internet of Things, 4K, virtual reality signal a critical need for broadband speed

What will the home of the (near) future need when it comes to broadband speeds? Considering the technologies coming down the pike, the FCC's definition of 25 Mbps/3 Mbps is barely adequate. The Internet of Things, 4K streaming and virtual reality "will render my DSL connection as useless as a 56K modem," says FierceCable Editor Daniel Frankel.

Arris is predicting that within five years, an early-adopter's home will contain 3.5 set top boxes, four streaming video devices and four Internet-connected cameras, on average. The house will need at least three Wi-Fi extenders to meet all of its frequency needs. And delivery of all those services over the Internet means bandwidth capacity has to expand as much as four times from today's average in order to get to subscribers' homes.

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