Inventor claims breakthrough in wireless bandwidth technology

OnLive founder Steve Perlman said he has developed a new wireless networking technology that could sharply increase the capacity of cellular networks to deliver high-quality streaming video.

In a demonstration for The New York Times, Perlman showed multiple simultaneous 1080p HD streams and two 4K streams traveling over the same network using this new technology under an experimental license from the FCC. "This is as big a change to wireless as tubes-to-transistor was to electronics," he told the Times.

Perlman, who left OnLive, the streaming-video-game startup he founded, was set to introduce his new company Artemis Networks this week with a product called the pCell, or personal cell. The system has been tested at frequencies below 1 GHz, according to a white paper describing the technology behind it. Perlman claims the technology avoids network congestion that typically comes when multiple devices share the same spectrum.

If it actually works, the technology could reduce congestion on wireless networks or give new entrants into the wireless broadband industry a different cost structure for building a high-speed network, former Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) CEO John Sculley told the Times.

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