iRevo Multimedia offers PC-HDMI TV interface

iRevo Multimedia--formerly known as Triveni Multimedia--has rolled out a content aggregation and application delivery platform for the PC, CE and STB markets.

iRevo ConnectIts just-announced its iRevo Connect! enables users to access, view and interact with popular web content sites such as YouTube for videos, Flickr for Photos, web applications such as Facebook and Twitter and information like news, stock quotes and weather. It's optimized for a variety of display devices and, for HDTV displays, it provides an easy to navigate interface using a remote control or a wireless keyboard.

The iRevo Connect! Package includes a High Speed HDMI Cable that is 1080p video capable and VGA+PC Audio cables as well as the iRevo Application software that is designed to use with the included multimedia remote control with mouse pad.

"Those who already connect their PC to HDTV for such viewing know how challenging it is to setup up the PC for use with HDTV and are aware of missing an easy to use remote control operated application software. iRevo Multimedia developed the iRevo Application and created the iRevo Connect! to solve this problem." said Dhimant Bhayani, Founder and CEO of iRevo Multimedia. "While some solutions targeted at this space focus on playback of photo, video and music content, we focused on aggregating and delivering the most popular web content, social networking applications and personal content on an HDTV with personalization capabilities. The iRevo App is not limited to content viewing but it uniquely enables users to share content via social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter or venerable e-mail."

The iRevo Connect! carries an MSRP of $69.95 and can be pre-ordered online beginning 14th June and it will ship by end of June.

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