Jaroo.com - a Hulu for kids - debuts

Jaroo.com is hoping to become the ultimate online video destination for kids. Launching with more than 50 popular TV series, and some 500 episodes available on demand, this kids-friendly service is hoping to stake a claim to the 9.5 percent of U.S. Internet users age 11 and younger in the U.S. Those Internet users are spending 63 percent more time online than they did four years ago, some 11 hours per month, according to Nielsen NetView.

Jaroo--from Canadian company Cookie Jar Entertainment--will feature 22-minute episodes--with 90-second commercial breaks--of “Inspector Gadget,” “The Adventures of Paddington Bear,” “Johnny Test,” “Super Mario Bros.,” “Zelda” and “Madeline” as well as the exclusive U.S. premiere of “Mona the Vampire.” Cookie Jar said it will add new episodes and shows daily.

Jaroo.com initially will pull from CJ’s library of 6,000+ episodes, and plans to add programming from other TV distributors, as well as original made-for-the-Web content.

“What makes Jaroo.com truly special is the breadth of popular kids shows available in a single one-stop location,” said Kevin Blocker, Senior VP of digital media at Cookie Jar. “The site was specially designed to be easily navigated and hosted in a kid-safe, kid-friendly environment.”

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