Kaltura debuts an HTML5 video solution, media library

Open source OVP  Kaltura, along with the Wikimedia Foundation and the Open Video Alliance, has launched a new website that it hopes will be an industry resource for all things HTML5 video-related, including news, technology demos and more.

Kaltura also unveiled an HTML5 Media Library, which includes video and audio players, uploader and editor. The media library is already in beta testing on Wikipedia and is available for download.

HTML5 has been in the news a lot lately, most recently, Microsoft on Tuesday said IE9 would support HTML5 video.

"Open video, and specifically HTML5 video, continue to gain traction in the market," said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura chairman and CEO. "Kaltura's HTML5 video solution, which is already in beta testing on Wikipedia, allows publishers to use HTML5 video today without having to worry about specific browser, format and codec support - our unique fallback mechanism ensures that all viewers can see and interact with videos regardless of their browser and format of the video."

Kaltura's open source HTML5 video player will soon support all advanced video management capabilities, including analytics and monetization, making it commercially viable on devices, such as the Apple iPhone, that do not support Flash.

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