Kaltura offers Joomla site-builders new video tools

Open source OVP Kaltura has released a video extension that allows Joomla site-builders to add full video and rich-media functionalities, including content management, syndication, monetization, transcoding, uploading, importing, editing and remixing, to their Joomla sites. The extension is flexible and customizable, and can be self-hosted for free, or Kaltura-hosted with a free 10GB trial of hosting and streaming that can be later upgraded.

The extension was designed specifically for Joomla, and has already been translated into French and integrated with the Joomla CC-Flexicontent extension by one of Kaltura's community members. The extension can be downloaded at http://corp.kaltura.com/download.

 "The Kaltura open source stack empowers developers to augment any web platform and content management system to include tightly integrated video functionalities and work flows", said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.

The extension highlights:

  • Add Video Directly to Any Page: Upload from desktop or record from webcam; Easily import videos, images and audio files from sources like MySpace and Flickr.
  • Manage Media Content: Manage content (delete, tag, moderate), view statistics and reports, customize player design and create playlists.
  • Edit and Trim Videos with Kaltura’s Online Video Editor: Trim videos, add transitions, rearrange sequence of videos and images, add soundtrack, add more content to remix, create thumbnail.

For more:
- see this release