LaRosa leaves YouTube streaming music post; The Daily Show launches faux Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN

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> Chris LaRosa, YouTube product manager in charge of its music service, is leaving Google to join a startup. Story

> The problem for Aereo is not that there are rules governing retrans and copyright. The problem is that it's operating in a new market in which there are no rules. Op-ed

> A Minneapolis area teacher is using online video to prepare upcoming third graders, and colleagues, for the coming school year. Story

> Google reportedly looked to buy Spotify AB last year, but its asking price, $10 billion, was too rich for the search engine giant. Story

> Meantime, Viacom's MTV is partnering with Spotify and providing at least 150 playlists to the music service. Story

> Netflix CEO Reed Hastings declined to appear at a Senate committee hearing on changes in the video marketplace. Story

> Comcast's de-incentivizing culture is likely behind the frantic rep who blocked Engadget founder Ryan Block's now-legendary attempt to disconnect service. Story

> Microsoft will lay off up to 18,000 workers, mostly from the units it acquired from Nokia. Story

> The EU is stepping up its investigation of Google over its search-engine dominance on the continent and other issues like its business practices around the Android operating system. Story

> FXX will show all 25 seasons of The Simpsons in a 12-day marathon starting Aug. 21. The series can also be viewed on FXX's online channel by authenticated cable subscribers. Story

> Haivision is providing an end-to-end streaming solution for churches that have multiple sites or online ministries. Release

> Microsoft is shuttering its Xbox Entertainment Studios, which produced original online content like "Forward Unto Dawn." Story

> App and game submissions to Amazon's Appstore have more than doubled since the Fire Phone was unveiled, the company says. Release

> The number of connected TV devices will be twice the number of homes by 2017, NPD Group says. Release

> The newest commercial for Amazon's Fire Phone touts its free year of Prime membership allowing owners, or their kids, to stream Prime Instant Video. Video

And finally… John Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, launched a fake Kickstarter campaign to raise $10 billion to buy CNN out from under Rupert Murdoch. Story