Level 3 to test new FCC order in Comcast brouhaha?

It's a strategy that could change the economics of the Internet: Level 3 Communications may push the Federal Communications Commission to act on the agency's recently adopted Open Internet Order as the company continues to battle with Comcast over higher fees for delivery of content across the MSO's network.

"We may decide to proceed under the Open Internet Order, or we may decide to proceed otherwise," Level 3 executive vice president and assistant chief legal officer John Ryan said. "Our objective is to get to the point where the parties have agreed on a fair and reasonable interconnection regime that doesn't require a toll for the delivery of content to Comcast eyeballs."

The two companies have been butting heads since November, shortly after Level 3 became one of Netflix's biggest delivery networks. Level 3 said Comcast was unfairly raising its fees, while the cable company said it was simply reacting to Level 3's request to increase capacity from Comcast by adding 30 additional 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Comcast contends Level 3 is "demanding unlimited capacity at our cost."

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