Limelight acquires AcceloWeb; Adobe sues Wowza Media

More news from Fierce:

> NASDAQ-listed Limelight Networks has acquired AcceloWeb, a Tel Aviv-based provider of technology that helps speed the presentation of websites and applications. Article

> moves some of its CDN business from Akamai to Level 3. Article

> Adobe is taking streaming media server startup Wowza Media to court, claiming it has infringed on patents related to its Flash Media Server software. Article

> Despite the exploding popularity of online video, a new study suggests that the future of news only has a small online video component. Article

> Content delivery network Highwinds is rolling out the newest iteration of its StrikeTracker console this week at Streaming Media East. Article

> Qwest customers who thought they had a new lease on IPTV life after the company was purchased by CenturyLink, have another think coming, it appears. CenturyLink said it currently has no plans to extend the service to them. Article

> Supply-chain woes caused by the earthquake in Japan and uncertainty over a large order from a U.S. customer prompted set-top box maker Pace to revise its profit outlook for 2011 downward. Article

> Verimatrix is deploying its Video Content Authority System on Russian satellite broadcaster's NTV-PLUS wholesale network to secure video for its IPTV service via local broadband network operators. Article

> Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced Wednesday morning that it is buying the social movie discovery and review sites Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes for an undisclosed amount. Article

> YouTube new movie service also feature MakingOf's premium content, which includes video interviews with directors, actors and producers, exclusive movie featurettes and MakingOf's original show Reel Life, Real Stories. MakingOf is the hub that connects fans to movies and the people who create movies through real personal stories that highlight the heart and soul of moviemaking. Release

> Brand advertisers are continuing to divert ad spend away from broadcast TV and toward online video, advertising agencies say. Despite that fact, most prefer to acquire inventory direct from publishers and networks rather than exchanges and demand-side platforms. Article

And finally... Man compacted in garbage truck... and survives. Article