Limelight launches bundled CDN services, offers storage, traffic freebies

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Content delivery network provider Limelight is getting a little more competitive in the ongoing battle for CDN customers. The company is offering bundled services to OTT providers, as well as 500 TB of free storage and 100 TB of CDN traffic for new customers.

Limelight said it put together the bundled service packages to mitigate the upfront costs for media companies that want to launch OTT services or migrate their current services to its CDN. Those services include a lot of typical managed features like monetization, scalability, cloud storage of video content (such as caching streamed on-demand video), automated media encoding at multiple bitrates, and a unified user interface.

But Limelight also is touting its security capabilities that protect both video assets and users’ privacy, as well as its unique SmartPurge technology. This service “rapidly removes incorrect or outdated content from cache, preventing viewers from accessing files even as they are being removed from the global network,” the company said in a release.

The CDN industry has remained extremely competitive, with ever-lower prices making an impact on the revenue of not just Limelight but its competitors like Akamai, so differentiating itself in various segments of the market is critically important. So far, that appears to have paid off.

“The company is coming off of a historic quarter where they increased revenue, grew larger as a company and shored up partnerships with Google and Neustar,” an article noted. The provider is expecting to continue that growth for the remainder of 2016, and will lower their capital expenditures to just $17 million for the year.

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