Limelight Networks sees revenue rise on video platform success

Limelight Networks sees an opportunity to build its business serving customers--current and yet-to-be-signed--who are facing increasing demand from their own customers to deliver digital content, and increasing digital video content, on any available connected device.

"Effectively engaging audiences through the online device of their choice is now a critical requirement for our customers," Bob Lento, Limelight's CEO, said in a press release detailing the company's fourth quarter and year-end 2012 earnings. "Limelight's Orchestrate Digital Presence platform is well positioned to help organizations create, manage and deliver engaging personal content to their global audiences."

That content is increasingly driven by online video, and Limelight's video platform business "continues to charge ahead," Lento said in an earnings conference call with analysts. "Our video service offerings have proven to be a revenue growth leader this year, both helping our organization deliver personalized and engaging video content and offering us an excellent entry point to new customers who can benefit from our broader set of services."

Revenue for the quarter of $46.5 million was up 1 percent year-over-year, and total annual revenue of $180.2 million was up 5 percent over 2011. The growth of online video, Lento said, should help future quarters.

"Online video traffic continues to grow," he said in the conference call. "Video consumption is spreading to mobile devices and becoming increasingly important as a method for interacting with online content."

Limelight, he said, plays into that demand.

"Our video solutions enable customers to manage and publish video on their own websites and on sites like YouTube, ensuring that the video is provided in a manner optimized for the best playback and that the content renders, in mobility templates, with add integration regardless of the device," he said.

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