Machinima, Collective Digital sue Freeplay; Univision promotes Conroy, Lee

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> Machinima and Collective Digital filed lawsuits against Freeplay, a company that provides backing music for online video creators, alleging that Freeplay is shaking down creators with "outrageous" licensing fees. Story

> Xstream CEO Frank Thorup has stepped down after 15 years and will take up the post of director of Xstream Americas. Simon Høgsbro will take the CEO reins in March. Release

> Univision has promoted two of its digital executives: Kevin Conroy is now chief strategy and data officer and president, enterprise development; and Isaac Lee is now president of news and digital and CEO of Fusion. Story

> Muvi Studio, an India-based provider that offers third-party, cloud-based VOD delivery, has received $500,000 in funding and a $1 million commitment from U.S.-based firm Exelanz. Release

> Jiaflix is looking to provide a hybrid SVOD-TVOD option to Chinese online video streamers. Story

> Viewability of video ads online rose 9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2014, up from 30 percent, and completion rates for those viewable ads rose 6 percent, up from 20 percent, in the same period. Story

> Samsung's smart TV voice command feature has stirred up a hornet's nest after The Daily Beast reported that the feature can record and transmit any conversation nearby to a third party. Story

> Four online video startups looking to challenge YouTube. Story

> Five ingredients are necessary for hopefuls looking to launch a successful OTT service. Post

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