Meerkat breaks out at SXSW; Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer

Online video news from across the web:

> Meerkat, an app that allows users to live-stream via Twitter (at least until Twitter blocked its access this week), was the breakout star of SXSW. Story

> Adobe's 4 Ps of digital television and online video. Story

> "Hyper-reality" television and online video are a match made in heaven, producer Morgan Spurlock told a SXSW audience. Story

> Technology barons like Mark Zuckerberg are increasingly requiring "domestic nondisclosure agreements" of everyone from real estate agents to construction workers to keep details of their business and personal lives from leaking out. Story

> Amazon's upcoming original series Hand of God will feature guest appearances by Erykah Badu, Lance Bass, Jacob Vargas and others. Release

> Too many unicorns: The golden age of technology start-ups may be near its end, investor Bill Gurley told a SXSW audience. Story

> What's the value of your CDN service? Here are a few ways to figure that out. Story

> Gumroad is adding a feature called Rentals to its filmmaker-focused transactional video on demand service. Story

> ESPN is gearing up for March Madness, releasing apps and websites to access for ongoing analysis of the mens' and womens' tournaments. Release

And finally… Microsoft is officially phasing out Internet Explorer. Story